Created by the skin health experts at the International Dermal Institute, this professional treatment system leverages thermal activity to drive potent key ingredients faster and farther into the skin.

The IonActive system combines the art of personalization with the science of ionization to enhance product performance for faster results.

The system comprises 6 formulas: 4 IonActives which are active concentrates applied directly to the skin, and 2 Gelloids which are hybrid massage medium masques and they are layered over the IonAcitves to seal in ingredients from the IonActives and provide a therapeutic warming and energizing or cooling and soothing benefit.

The IonActives can target and treat:

-         Aging and fine lines - using the Retinol 1% IonActive

-         Dehydration and lackluster skin - using the Hyaluronic acid IonActive

-         Hyperpigmentation / uneven skin tone - using the Oligopeptide IonActive

-          Adult acne and breakout prone skin - using the Niacinamide IonActive

At Sibu, you IonActives facial will incorporate BT Micro technology which is designed to help the Ionized Actives penetrate further into the skin improving your results! You will also experience the BT Analyze which reads your skin hydration levels before and after a facial to compare the difference! 

The facial is 45 minutes in duration and costs $145.

The staff at Sibu Beauty have been amazed at the results from this treatment, we are sure you will love it too!